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Candle White Magic spells

Candle White Magic spells

Candle White Magic  Spells and How they Work

Candles: Colors And Meaning

The magic in the candle white magic spells and its flame is so vast and strong in its elemental nature that fire spells are some of the most powerful spells that exist in magical tradition today. The element of fire resides besides four other elements that are near in power and these are;

  1. Water
  2. Air
  3. Earth
  4. Soul

A spiritual worker concentrates more on the fire element because of its resilience and stamina in performance of intense rituals and casting of immense power spells. This is the ritualist you need;

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Candle Magic and Fire

In earlier practice, the fire element was too much a part of the magical practitioner. He or she would use it to effect the channeling of energy and the containment of eruptive magic.

The fire from the witch’s hearth never for once in a lifetime gave out. The fire hearth continues to burn throughout the witching season and through the resting energy days.

candle white magic spells
Candle White Magic Spells

In modern practice, the fire element has been harnessed in an altogether new form and this is through candle magic. In this way, a flame appears aloft and high placed.

With the candle flame, now the concentration of power has turned to aura distinctiveness and this comes with selection of hues that match perfect to the inner energies of a spell caster or ritualist.

We have varying candle colors which include white, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.

All these colors have a thing in common, and that is the ability to touch different lives in different ways. Our journey now will take us into the depths of spiritual analysis of every color and seeing how the utilization of the flame carried by the candle attracts different things in one’s life.


  1. The White Candle

We shall start with the white candle. In its almost unblemished appearance, white is the color of purity. It further attracts peace, hope and honesty virtues in any spell work.

Implications of Using A White Candle In A Spell

White candles and the flame are best for the casting of love spells and the enchanting of love rituals. The flame brings inner peace to the spell caster.

It also ensures that the person casting the spell is honest about all his or her intentions for the performance of magic.

The white flame brings a bright otherworldly light of hope to the spell caster; in all magical work, there is that time that will require you to trust the magic or energy for the manifestation of desired results. This hope is provided by the flame of a white candle and it is indeed fulfilled.

  1. The Black Candle

Though many hold the black candle in awe and fear, it is good for protection spells we cast in almost all traditions.

The black flame offers protection and stability as no other color does. In lighting a black candle, one is not calling upon any other forces other than the spiritual forces that offer courage and safety in one’s life.

You will find that the black candle is mostly lighted when casting;

  • Life protection spells
  • Home protection spells
  • Children protection spells
  • Car protection spells
  • Marriage protection spells

and others

  1. The Red Candle

Red associates with love, and this can’t be more true, except that it is more towards erotic love.

Another aspect of the red color is courage, strength and action.

A red flame burns rightly so in the performance of;

Sex spells and rituals (these aim at increasing sexual desire, vigour in sex, enhancing libido, creating romantic relationships, curing impotence, decreasing sexual desire, creating sexual attractions (not love), among others.

Strength spells

Fear banishing spells, etc.

You can always light a red candle if you are about to engage in any ritual or spell casting. This flame will help you start the spell and the channeling of magic without any fear

If you are in doubt of whether to engage in a magical ritual or not;

  • You light a red candle and put it under your bed at low flame
  • Leave it to burn throughout the night
  • In the morning, the skepticism will be absent from your head and you are in a good position to start your magical preparations.


A red flame disperses the clouds of doubt that exist in many minds of novice magical practitioners. Such people start their magical preparations with the red flame at their side and end their day with the blessings from the flame.

A red flame is your friend in need. With all that the flame can accomplish, I suggest you contact an experienced spell caster and ritualist for your introduction into candle magic;

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  1. The Brown Candle (The One Flame)

It is always called the One flame

The brown candle is known universally for its potency in the creation of true relationships and the grounding of spiritual energies. Though always sought for its magical ability and applications, the brown candle is far more a detached energy than its role suggests.

The brown color represents two elements in one spiritual and physical body. On its top it holds the fire element, and it physically brings out the aspects of mother earth.

The earth is always in sync and one with the universe. This is why we refer to the brown candle as One flame.

It unites and brings people together. That is why we use it for the creation and strengthening of relationships and unions.

On addition, since all magical energy moves throughout the universe (read earth), which is brown in color, we use the brown candle to ground these energies.

We shall look at what grounding means later on as we see the various ways through which magical energy can be harnessed.

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