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Home Protection Spell

Home Protection Spell


The Egyptian spells for home protection are by far the most trusted spells for many spell casters when it comes to augmented defense spells and long time protection

The spells have energy creating waves of a vibrant thrive which run in all parts of the thing on which they are cast to offer protection.

There are a number of rituals common in the practice of Egyptian magical tradition. In effect, most of these rituals are earth rituals.

When I talk about earth rituals, you should just know that we have entered the realm of elemental magic.

Unlike voodoo which mostly engages spiritual magic, and Wicca which deals in nature magic, the Egyptian spells are to a greater reach elemental spells.

However, the elemental spells are not a monopoly of Egyptian tradition. You will find many of them in White magic and Wicca. But, if you are looking for the strongest spells and rituals in the elemental tradition, then Egyptian magic is here for you.

I bring you all the rituals to undertake, and the spells to cast in the Egyptian magic if you want perfect home protection.

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Why You Need To Protect Your Home

At times there are things that  we take for granted in our life, for example like the protection of the things that we love. This oversight may not occur to us as necessary but for those people who wish to bring chaos in our lives, this is an opening.

Your home is almost the only place associated with your physical and spiritual essence. It is where you spend most of your day and it is where you dream from.

When you feel like the world has cast you out, or you are overburdened with the daily problems in life, and you need a peaceful lonely resort, your first thoughts will be your home.

This makes it necessary that you safeguard this resort from bad energies with everything that you have got.

Another reason why home protection is necessary is the fact that your home holds most of your secrets. Any form of energy disruption that makes your safe abode vulnerable to magical attack might leave you physically and spiritually exposed.

The Effects Of Chaos.

In Egyptian magic we find the concept of chaos; Chaos in simple terms includes all the negative things that happen in the universe and to people that make this universe their home.

Sometimes you may think that the bad things that are happening in your life are meant to be, but am telling you that this is not true. Your  life was molded without flaws and all the hardships you are going through right now have someone responsible for their existence.

Chaos presents in various forms, and thus it is not easy to tell from where and how it will come into your life or home.

The spells and rituals cast here are all infused with energies that control chaos. This explains why Egyptian magic is much more favored when it comes to the safeguard against negativity.

Thus, you will find that in many aspects of life, you will need the Egyptian rituals provided by Dr. Lumba, in order to protect you. The areas that you should consider include;

  • Job protection spells and rituals
  • Protection from spiritual attacks (which occur in dreams and visions)
  • Lovers’ protection spell
  • Children protection spells
  • Asset protection (this includes magic that safeguards your cars, your buildings etc.)
  • Business protection spells
  • Protection from evil magic
  • And others.

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He is the only person with lifelong experience in Egyptian tradition, and will deliver you from the hands of those who would wish to bring chaos into your life.

Sources Of Magical Attacks And Bad Energy

All the spells brought to you in Egyptian magic in the protection ritual are strong and energy filled. They touch those things that are part of you but are also channels of bad energy.

Some of these things include your children, your car, your job, your lover, and others. Even if the bad person cannot reach you directly, he or she can pass energies through all these things to attack you.

Apart from the person attacking you, bad energy will come from the spiritual world too and this will manifest in various forms. This might be in form of;

Bad Dreams

Most of your enemies will attack you through your sleep. They will direct bad energies to your sub-conscious self, and their work will manifest in your conscious life. This is why you will find that at night you get nightmares and in your daily life you get problems.

protection spell
What Does A Protection Spell Do ?

I will take on more on the kinds of dream energies that exist in magical tradition in the next article. Feel free to talk to the experts at for energy rechanneling and purifying spells for your dreams.

Bad Thoughts

These are all the negative ideas that pass through your head in real-time. Many of these ideas relate to things past, present and future, but are not of your own doing.

A person who wishes to do you harm is busy turning your world upside down. When you harbor these thoughts they use them to make you always feel disoriented

Illnesses Or Disease

As you try to have perfect and healthy life, bad energies are being created to see that you do not achieve this.

You are always beset with illnesses and diseases whose source you cannot explain. This is all the work of your enemies.

Come to me and we work upon these problems.

Contact Dr. Lumba on +256787085427 Or via Whatsapp on +256787085427.

Other manifestations of negative energy that we will explore together with you when you contact me include;

  • Body weakness
  • Emotional detachment
  • Mind attacks

Trust my Egyptian spells and rituals to free you from all negativity.

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