Break up spell
Love Break-up Spell

Love Break-up Spell


When casting a love break up the spell, start the ritual or spell with these words “what is mine comes back in line”, if you want to bring about separation of two lovers in a relationship from which one of them was your lover and you want him or her to come back to you.

You May Need Lovers To Separate Because Of These Reasons;

  • You are a parent and you are in negativity to your child’s choice of partner
  • A leader and the relationships among your followers are becoming too romantic for the good of your organization.
  • You are an ex-lover who wants to cast a spell to bring back your ex-lover who is now engaged to someone else, (you will want to cast this relationship-ending spell first).
  • A friend whose partner is in a dangerous relationship. The relationship might cause them problems and you feel like helping out without your friend’s knowledge.
  • You are in opposition to the ongoing relationship between two people, and you have your reasons to end it.

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The relationship you want to end will only survive for the moon cycles or days that you give it.

The magic not only stops the relationship, but it severs any ties that remain between people you want to separate. They will be erased from each other’s minds for eternity.

Procedures for One of The Most Strongest love  Break up  Spell

These will change depending on the duration of the relationship.

For love relationships that have been in existence for a long time, you double or triple the requirements.

A strong bond is not as easy to break as a temporary feeling. But, regardless, with the right amounts and precaution, they all become dust by the rise of the morning sun.

When you are ready to cast the love break-up spell, do the following;

  • Get something akin to both the people whose relationship you want to end. This might be a photo, a bungle, a piece of cloth et.
  • Collect the juice squeezed from the roots of a lotus tree and pour it in a transparent basin or jar
  • Add some water to the liquid juice and mix.
  • Get the items that represent the spirits of the people you want to separate (pieces of cloth or jewelry), and place them in the mixture.
  • This saturation has to stay outside in a dark spot for one night (make sure that the light rays from the moon do not reach the mixture).
  • Very early in the morning before the sun comes up, recant cantillate the legba of asunder as your arms are poised above the mixture in the jar in a manipura finger formation.
  • After chanting five times (in honor of the five thunder strikes of the hammer deity), slowly separate your hands and place them on both your left and right on the ground palms facing to the sky.
  • Spend in this position exactly five minutes and then rise up and take the mixture and place it on fire
  • Boil the mixture until it all evaporates and only the lovers’ items you placed in the mixture remain.
  • These two items will be placed on sides opposite each other in the boiling bowl
  • This is when you will know that your spell was a success.

About The Love Sundering Spell That You Have Just Cast;

The bitter root of the lotus represents your deep negativity to the relationship and your readiness to end it.

The items that belong to the lovers are a spiritual connection to the actual people. And in magic, the spirit is always more stronger and carries more energy than the physical form.

If the moon rays touch the mixture, they turn it into a moon water mixture which is a love remedy.

The end of the mudra formation over the mixture ensures an end to the relationship.

A combination of the fire and water elements in which the fire element takes away the effectiveness of the water element is a sabotage ritual.

This sabotage is the foundation of the success of the spell.

Consequently, with the above spell, you end any relationship whether you are a part of it or not.

Dr. Lumba performs these rituals for you and controls the energies that flow within the magic to perfection. There is no relationship that can survive his energy redirection methods.

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Energy Redirection

I have said before if you are an ex-lover who wants to end a relationship so that you can benefit out of it, then you use the line(“what is mine comes back in line”) in a chant, I started with.

You are bound to cast this spell with the idea of bringing your ex-lover back to your bosom. Therefore, for you, the end of the above procedures will not be the end of your casting.

You now arrive at the stage of diverting the energies that were holding the people you have just separated together. Your aim is to redirect the energies to yourself.

You have to properly select which energies you want to create a new path for, otherwise, you might end up with the wrong person falling in love with you.

Additionally, for a person with motives that go beyond a broken-up relationship, contact me for the procedures of the spells and rituals necessary.

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You can also reach me via email at I will help you and guide you in all rituals that will galvanize the energies created.

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