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Magical Numbers


In all magical traditions, regardless of where you are in the universe, we have special numbers called magical numbers that balance our spiritual side with the physical.

You have heard people speak of “lucky numbers”! this is the basis of these lucky numbers. You might have been thinking those people were bluffing, but these magical numbers are real and they have power.

It is not coincidental that you wake up and go to the lottery, you select a number and it comes out as the winner.

That winning number is your lucky number.

However, you should know that these numbers are not consistent. They change with alterations in energy flow and spiritual inclination.

We shall take a practical look into magical lucky numbers in good luck spells, fortune spells, job spells, and in lottery spells.

The numbers are presented in a tri’logo way, (3 in a pair), translated from ancient alphabets and number forms. These numbers are connected to letters, but since the letters are of less effect magically, we always use numbers.

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Significant Numbers In Different Magical Traditions

The different magical traditions that exist use different numbers in either their singularity or in combinations of two or three, to symbolize different aspects within the tradition.

In Wicca;

The number ‘3’ holds much power and magical force.

This is seen in many things which include;

The Threefold Law

The Three Power Manifestations of The Wicca Goddess i.e. as the Moon Goddess, the Earth Goddess, and the Mother Goddess

The Three Phases of The Moon, among others.

In The Egyptian Tradition;

The number ‘1’ (one) is more revered. The number is mostly associated with the oneness of the Egyptian Great God Ra (which means The Great One).

As you interact more with Egyptian magic, you will realize that the more you apply the number in your spells and ritual performances, you will always meet with success.

In The Voodoo Tradition;

the voodoo tradition has got no one particular numbers on which it bases its magical rituals and spell castings. However, many believers tend to go with ‘2’ (two).

This is because voodoo and hoodoo practice always balance on two planes, that is, the spiritual and physical realms.

Unlike the Wiccan and the Egyptian tradition, Voodoo tradition centers all power in the seen and the unseen.

Since all these are done on two planes then voodoo places much value on the number ‘2’.

Other traditions;

There are quite a number of other traditions that I cannot talk about here in detail, some have special numbers while others do not

These traditions include;

  • Black magic tradition
  • The be’be tradition
  • The white magic tradition

The Numbers And Their Spiritual Meanings

Let’s take a peek into the numbers 1 to 9 in their tri-formation and we see what they have to offer spiritually.

Note that though these numbers may be presented in a uniform form, there are different combinations that can be made to express merging spiritual presences.

For example; the number ‘111’ will not always appear as such, you will find that depending on a given spiritual orientation and the direction of energies within a person, the number ‘124’ will come out on top.

The best thing here is to understand how the numbers sync with your spirit such that when you feel a certain way then you know the numbers to start the day with.


This special number symbolizes the phasing. In the spiritual realm, it is a wake-up call, a call to action.

The spirit in sync with this number is always buoyant and gay, full of new vibrant energy. When you feel like this, then you are in communion with the right energies.

The number ‘111’ is a good number on which to start magical rituals and cast some spells.


This number is a lucky number. In money spells and good luck spells, the number ‘2’ manifests success, in many magical traditions.

When you cast spells with this spiritual number then you know you are doing the right thing, in the right place, and at the right time.

The number ‘2’ manifests spiritual requests into reality. When you cast dream spells and perform dream rituals to attract someone you love, use the number ‘2’ and the sigil of its combination with the letter it shares energies with

You will be able to bring the person you desire to attract into your physical sphere and win over their love.

The number is used to transform thoughts turn to reality.


The tri-3 is the number that joins the three entities that contain and control magical energies that flow from the universe in sync with humanity.

These are the body, mind and spirit.

The connection created between these three entities forms a very strong bond that calls upon the powers from above and below to pour out love and bless every spell and ritual performed under the tri-3.


With the number ‘4’, the spell caster acquires guidance from the spiritual realm.

The special number doubles the voodoo ‘222’ and makes spiritual manifestation even stronger.

In the voodoo tradition if you desire to cast successful spiritual spells you will utilize the energies within the number ‘444’;


The number five symbolizes change, change for the better.

You utilize the number in good luck spells if you feel like your luck is constantly on the bad side.

When you want to increase the chances of making money, you cast money spells and rituals using the number ‘555’

Five is the evolution number, however, you should be ready to welcome the change that is coming with the magic.


The number six represents rebirth.

In healing spells, you will use the sigil of the number six (remember the procedure of creating a number sigil is to connect it with the letter it communicates within the energy table).

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