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Meditation With Chakra

Meditation With Chakra


In meditation with Chakra, we have what we call yoga. It is more of a discipline than a tradition.

It possesses all the qualities of a magical practice without the tenets of sacrifice.

This kind of meditation state involves three important aspects that you need to muster in order to become an advanced magical practitioner.

These are; chakra, mudras, and mantras.

We shall look at each aspect independently and see what it contributes when it comes to the performance of magic.

Let us start with chakra

Chakra: The Centers Of Spiritual Power

In yoga Chakra simply means part of the human body. The only difference with this is that it is spiritual in nature.

Unlike biology that physically explains the body, Chakra explains body parts in terms of spiritual energy and inclination.

With full mastery of chakra, a person understands the effectiveness (in this case spiritual), of every part of his body. Thus he is able to fully create and apply magical paths in a very effective way on the body.


Chakra is essential in the channeling of energies most especially in magical traditions that perform body magic.

A good example is the voodoo tradition. Most of the love spells performed in Voodoo involve the use of the person’s body.

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Given that voodoo is mostly spiritual in nature, it gives the spell-caster an advantage when synching spiritually with his body. This is why you need the knowledge of chakra.

Which Body Parts Channel Most Spiritual Energy?

I will only look at a few of these, and most especially the important ones;

The forehead;

In chakra knowledge, the forehead is a very essential part of the channeling of mindful energy.

It is the center of spiritual enlightenment and therefore the center of all concentration during meditation.

Without using physical vision, the forehead visualizes energies that create connections between the different elements in the universe.

The forehead also controls the energy points that connect to the spiritual soul of the physical body, thereby selecting and dispersing the energies to their destined positions throughout the body.

The Right Breast;

The next most important body part that will require most of your attention in Chakra is the right breast.

Though many people believe that the left breast which houses the physical heart is more important, Chakra believes that the right breast is more significant.

This is because the left breast is mostly filled up with physical attachments which leaves it with less position to handle spiritual attachments.

Therefore, as most of the physical machinations of the body take place under the left breast, the spiritual machinations are handled by the right breast.

The Lower Part Of The Stomach Below The Naval;

I know you did not know this, but the naval is the foundation of all spiritual life. It holds the ties and extensions of vibrant spiritual energy that flows through the body.

In function, the naval is almost similar to the forehead. However, what sets the naval apart from the forehead, is that it has a very strong base that supports it and that is the lower stomach.

The lower stomach represents the seat of spiritual energy. It is the beginning of all magical energies that move around the body. As they go up, they attain more power and fulfilling vigor at the naval center before they proceed to the other parts of the body.

What To Remember

From the power centers explained in chakra above, you can see that most spiritual work takes place in the upper half of the human body. This is very unlike physical work which is engaged in by the whole human body.

However, this does not exclude all other body parts from magical performance, it only serves to show you where most spiritual power in concentrated and thus you will be mindful when directing spiritual energies.

The 3 Centers Of Spiritual Power

Like the trinity, chakra gives us 3 centers of spiritual energy as we have seen, that is ; the forehead, the right breast, and the naval center or lower stomach.

You will come across magical traditions where these centers of spiritual energy are called by different names. You should be in position to know all of them so that you know how to perfectly direct magic.


I now turn to mantras; a mantra is a sacred utterance or chant.

It is a short speech release that ranges from one phrase to no more than four words.

Another thing with mantras is that their repetitive utterance.

A mantra is an important part of meditation because it directs spiritual energy.

In most spells and rituals, you will come across different mantras that you will be required to repeat as you perform the magical rituals.

A spell being cast carries as much energy as the mantras that go along with it. In a mantra, the spell caster places all his verbal confidence and puts hmself in the position of a seeker.

Meditational mantras help us to attain that level of spiritual awareness that involves the assimilation of our environment and our thoughts into a magical ritual or spell. A mantra prepares the mind for spiritual concentration.

The Connection Between Chakra And Mantra

As you get awareness in chakra, you put this awareness in your consciousness.

You achieve this by verbally repeating the energy centers of the body in both your mind and with your mouth.

This awareness increases and strengthens by the number of times you chant these chakra positions in a mantra. Therefore, these two things go hand in hand.

Furthermore, when working magic, the problem you are working on, be it a love problem, money problem, or protection spell, you will at times use mantras.

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