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Mudras And Chakra

Mudras And Chakra


We have looked at Mudras and chakra  Sounds and how the two relate. Now at this stage let us take a look into mudras in relation to chakra.

What is mudra

Mudras are hand movements mostly concentrated on figures made by interchanging of finger positions in a ritual, most specifically during yoga.

The mudras are important because each hand symbol in mudra represents a body part in chakra. Another important aspect of mudra is that apart from representing body parts, it also expresses the spiritual power that which vibrates in consort with the body part symbolized by the finger or hand signs.

Importance of mudras in spell work?

Mudra is important because when it comes to the performance of rituals, sometimes your whole body will be one spiritual home for magical energy. Thus, it will require you to attain perfect spiritual balancing and position.

The signs made by your hand movements help to calm your body during spell work and performance of magical rituals.

Some magical rituals require channeling of energy through the body and these hand movements will help you control the way energy moves within your body through balancing.

mudras and chakra

Hand magic is very common most especially in casting of smudging spells. You have to move your fingers on your body in a specific way during smudging spells, thus, mudra prepares you for that.

Anointing of different body parts in chakra. As different body parts are symbolized in mudra, anointing oil is passed through the crossed fingers and hand symbols.

In moon magic mudra is important because at times when the moon sigil cannot be drawn on appropriate items, you will use your hands and fingers to create them.

There are more other important uses of mudra and some are explained in practice.

Dr. Lumba will take you through every aspect of mudra.

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The Magical Aspects Of Mudras

Mudra falls into the magical aspect of Guided Intention Magic. The power directed in spells and rituals that involve mudra, is controlled by the hand movements.

So, you might think a person casting such spells to be in a meditational state rather that in actual ritual exposition.

Benefits of mudra directed magic

  • Less exerting, it does not require a lot of energy to cast these spells
  • It is relaxing
  • Helps in body and spiritual orienting
  • It is wholesome and good, it moves throughout the body
  • Totally effective
  • It is easy to apply in any magical tradition and exercise
  • The spells that are involved can be cast at any time of day or night
  • It engages healthy rituals

With the good things above and many others, I strongly recommend your involvement in mudra and everything it encompasses.

If you need any kind of help with getting the best way to perform mudras, Dr. Lumba is here to help you in any way.

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All your magical exercises will become better once you get the mudras in check.

Let us take a look into the different styles, positions of mudras that direct magical energy and the chakra positions that they represent.


mudras and chakra

The Root Chakra

Presented at the base of the spine

Mantra Sound: Laaammmmm….

Mudra Position: the index finger touches the thumb while the arms are laid straight on the knees

The Sacra

Centers at the hips

Mantra Sound: Vaaammmmm….

Mudra Position: Hands in the lap with the right palm on top of the left palm, facing upwards

The Manipura/Solar Plexus

Presented at the lower stomach, one inch below the naval

Mantra Sound: Raaammmmm……

Mudra Position: Hands are placed either flat or pointing out, between your chest and the stomach

The Heart

Centered at the heart

Mantra Sound: Yaaammmm….

Mudra: take your right hand and place its thumb and index finger on the heart. The left hand is resting palm outward on the right knee.

The Throat

Positioned at the throat

Mantra Sound: Haaammmm…..

Mudra Position: Crossed fingers and touching thumb tips. Place hand on the stomach.

The Third Eye

Position: At the third eye

Mantra Sound: Auuummmm…..

Mudra Position: Only the first fingers of both hands touching, others bent at second joint. Hands outwards beneath your left breast

The Crown

On the head

Mantra Sound sound: Annnngggg……

Mudra position: Place your hands 3 inches beyond the stomach. Intertwine your fingers. Point the small fingers upwards.

The soul and body exercises seen above are related to virtues that are inherent within the magical traditions in which they are practiced.

  • The Crown chakra symbolizes a deep spiritual connection.
  • The third eye symbolizes wisdom and knowledge
  • The throat symbolizes expression
  • The heart symbolizes love
  • The swadhisthana or sacral chakra symbolizes creativity
  • The naval symbolizes will power
  • And finally the root stands up for survival.

You will note that most of the facets of magical energies and the things in which these energies are directed are all almost covered by the virtues mentioned above.

This shows how chakra, mantras, and mudra are very important in magical rituals.

Mudra In Spells and Rituals

You will not oftenly come across spells or rituals that will require your adeptness in the above exercise, but you can learn it nonetheless for the practice of more advanced magic.

For direct guidelines on the practices, you will need to talk to an expert and the doctor is always available.

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NB: All the above exercises fall under what we know as meditational magic and spiritual exercises. Therefore, if your ritualist tells you that you will cast a spell or perform a ritual that will require a calm and peaceful mind, then you have to engage in one of those exercises for the best casting.

You do not have to perform all the exercises.

For example; if you are to cast a love spell or perform a love ritual, and you need concentration and a peaceful mind, you will most certainly go for the Heart Chakra with all its related mantras and mudra exercises.

As we continue we shall look at the specific yoga necessary for certain kinds of spells and rituals.

In the meantime, you can send us an email at for more details in magical rituals.

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