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The Witching Altar

The Witching Altar


What Is An Altar?

In the white magic tradition, the definition of an altar is more or less like that of almost all other traditions. A witching altar is special and sacred. I will not define it here but I will tell you what you should have in mind when you set out to set up these special places.

witching altar

The witching altar in all magical traditions is presented in almost the same setup.

There are some striking alterations in some of the items used and their specific positioning.

However, the main idea is to arrange the required things in such a sacred way that attracts the important aspects of witchcraft.

These are the aspects essential for rituals and spell work.

The Aspects of a Witching Altar

These are the aspects that manifest in both strength and purity, these are;

  • Presence of the deities
  • The elemental force
  • The magic
  • The sacrificial acceptance aura
  • The energy paths, and others

I will be explaining each of the above aspects and showing you the right procedures to follow and in a given way in setting up a witch’s altar, such that you are in a position to manifest the required presences for the success of all your spells and rituals.

In many instances, the setting up of the altar and other sacred magic duties that follow, are always a responsibility of magical practitioners, traditional healers, ritualists, professional spell casters, and spiritual leaders.

It is the duty of these named to channel the right energies such that they come to the assistance of those who cannot fully grasp and meet the demanding force, that is magic.

Therefore, you will need to seek out the services of a spiritual healer and magical practitioner to guide you in the way of light.

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As we trudge on, you should take note of some of the important things that we need when setting up an altar.

However, before we continue, let’s look at some of the kinds of altars we have, and some of the magical traditions in which these altars are most sacred and set up.


The Sacrificial Altar

witching altar

This altar is most common in the voodoo and hoodoo tradition (though its not limited to this magical tradition). As its name appears, it is mostly for offering sacrifices to the gods and spirits. Among the sacrifices that are offered on this altar, we have the blood and non-blood sacrifices.

The Prayer Altar

This type of altar is mostly come across in white magic and Wicca tradition. It is for specifically supplication, adherence, and worship.

On this kind of altar, you will come across the symbols or figurines of the deities of the Wiccan tradition that is the moon goddess and the horned god.

It is at this sanctified place that the believers bring themselves into communion with the otherworldly forces and make known their grievances or admittances.

The Magical Or Energy Altar

Without implying that the other altars are nonmagical, this kind of altar is a magical because it is the place where the activities below take place;

  • Enchanting and storage of amulets and other magical items.
  • Introduction of spells and other rituals
  • infusion of energy and energy paths within a ritual.

The energy altar is a sanctifying ground to consecrate, cleanse, and charge all items we use in spell work and magical rituals.

We have previously seen that before using any item for magical purposes, we first cleanse it (to remove former impurities), then we consecrate it (to dedicate it to the powers or deities), and finally charge it (with enough magical energies to perform the duties it is meant to).

The  Witching Altar Of The Deities.

Unlike the other altar, this one is purely meant and limited to the honor of the powers that be.

A true worshiper, a ritualist, a spell caster, a healer, a traditionalist, a spiritual healer, and a priest will have a special place in his or her house for his or her deities.

This place can either be a big room, or a clean consecrated corner in his room.

Regardless of where the place is there the presence of the gods is expected to manifest, and it is at this place that an altar is set up for their honor and respect.

The altar of the deities only and only possesses the essence of the deities. Unlike other altars that hold quite a number of things, the altar of the deities is strictly for deity presence.

This type of altar is mostly common in the white magic tradition and the black magic tradition. This is because of the presence of quite a number of supernatural beings common in these two respective magical traditions.

There are other types of witching altars that you will need to take a deep look and study into if you are willing to purse the performance of true magic. I will be here to guide you and provide you with all the services I can at all times.

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The Items at the Witching Altar

In our next article, we shall be taking a deep investment in some of the items, ritual semblances (which include sigils and star signs. Some of these items include;

  • Earth (the pentagram)
  • Water (the chalice)
  • Crystals
  • Fire (candles and the witch’s hearth)
  • Air (broom or besom and feathers)
  • The dagger and blood
  • The cauldron (the witch’s pot)
  • The Grimoire (spell and ritual book)

The items and symbols above have more detail on the next page. You can find out more about magic and all the beauty involved with its practice  on

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