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The Candle Healing Spell

The candle healing spell is another aspect of healing magic that involves a lot of magical rituals. The experts on this site and are the only ones you will ever come across to give you what you are truly searching for.

There are ailments that are way too far beyond any magical means and they can be unraveled by science. However, the kind of ailments that are within the magical grasp can all be cured by magic.

Healing magic is not only meant for physical hurt as many people would presume. A lot of things require healing for example the mind, the spirit, the conscience, the heart, emotions, among others.

Many times when a person comes across a healing spell the first thing that comes to mind is bodily diseases. Many of these bodily diseases can be healed even without magic.

But when you are in unison with the magical energy, it is very easy to transform spiritual energy into body healing energy. The spiritual energy is always there waiting to be tapped into so that it can provide healing to the rest of the body.

Candle healing spell

Directing a Candle Healing Spell

Much of our sufferings have roots in our spiritual orientations. This is why many religious traditions come up and try to gain control over the spiritual consciences of a greater number of people.

Such efforts ensure that this spiritual energy is used by the priests for magical control.

Never underestimate the power of your spirit in bringing solace, healing, and peace to your life circle.

Your spiritual energy affects a lot of things in your life, from the way you talk, the way you see the world, the food you eat, the friends you make, among others.

I know you have once been on the verge of doing something with a burst of positive energy. At these times all your being gets this tight feeling in its gut that what you are about to do is the right thing.

There is a way your spirit becomes lighter and cleaner and sees the world like one good home to dwell in.

This works the same in its opposite when your spirit stops you from doing something dangerous that you otherwise would have done.

That repelling force is strong and even when you go against it, you still do whatever you wanted to do halfheartedly.

That is the power of spiritual energy, it is what drives life, in fact, it is the fabric of our existence, and within this spiritual energy lies the foundations of magical flow.

What is Healing Magic

Magic is the breath to the spirit. It manifests in dreams, likes and dislikes, emotions, among others.

Thus, this ever-present magic is always ready to provide both bodily and spiritual healing when you call on it it in magical practice.

This explains why in order to get perfect healing, the spell caster should have a positive spiritual aura.

You must always let your magic remain pure. Negativity many times blocks magical flow since it obscures even the simplest truths and facts.

It is always easy to believe that an ailing will go away and in fact, with the right spell, it does go away. However, when someone believes the sickness is greater than the magic within them, then they will continue in the sickness.

Therefore, I encourage you to always practice cleansing spells most especially aura or spiritual cleansing spells.

This is the first step towards any successful candle healing spell.

Vodoo candle healing spell

Controlling Healing Energies

Before you start practicing the candle healing spell and healing magical rituals, know where the problem.

Is it a disease affecting the body,  a spiritual problem, or a magical attack.

It is always important to ensure you distinguish these things and can clearly point out the source of suffering.

These diagnoses are results from strong magical practitioners who examine your life from all angles. Always trust them when they give you the results of their analysis.

A Hex Spell

The first healing spell am going to share with you is the spell meant to heal someone suffering from a magical attack.

Magical attacks in form of hexes and bad magic are sometimes responsible for diseases and mental ailments that different people suffer.

Those people that move on the streets without clothes on and have problems articulating speech are not all mad. Some are victims of magical attacks from jealous people and people that they annoyed in one way or another.

In modern situations, people steal other people’s luck. Consequently, they ensure that their victim remains in a position where they only have them as benefactors, friends, and allies.

How to Cast a Luck-stealing Hex

Let me give you a brief spell that shows you how people steal other people’s luck in voodoo tradition

  • The spell caster will get a doll to symbolize his or her victim.
  • Go to the altar and pick four hexing needles and place one on the forehead of the doll.
  • Place another needle at the heart of the impersonating doll.
  • Put another needle in the palms of the doll.
  • Place the fourth and last needle in the right foot of the doll.
  • Cover the doll in white ash and roll the doll in a white cloth which he crosses with a dove’s blood.
  • The spell caster then goes to the victim in person and tries hard and makes friends with him or her.

In the process of their relationship, the spell caster ensures that he does the following;

  • Gets the victim’s name
  • Acquires a piece of the victim’s hair
  • Picks some dirt from the ground where the victim has stepped barefoot (with stronger spells it doesn’t matter whether shod or in shoes).
  • Makes sure that thrice in a week he meets the victim and shakes his hand before the sun goes down.

The spell caster then takes all the things he has collected from his or her victim and goes back home

  • Unrolls the impersonating doll
  • Ties the hair on the head of the doll
  • Writes the victim’s name on a piece of white paper and places the paper on the heart of the doll
  • Lastly, he gets the dirt from the victim’s foot and smears it on the foot of the doll.

After these practices, the practitioner sends up a reclaiming prayer to Bondye, a voodoo deity.

This is to bless the taking over spell and grant the spell caster the fortune of the victim, and cast the ailments of the spell caster onto the victim.

When fourteen days elapse, the victim starts to experience a downward spiral in luck and ailing in his or her life.

What to Know About The Candle Healing Spell

For many who are not familiar with the workings of a magical hex or spell, they will think that it’s the wheels of fortune that are changing. However, for those with some knowledge in magical practice, you can see indicators of a hex and a curse.

Therefore, do not sit back when you realize an abrupt change in your health and financial life.

You should seek practical assistance by employing counter magic to deflect the effects of a hex cast on their friend, partner, or relative.

There are many reasons why a person may deprive someone of their luck. But there is almost an infinite number of reasons why a person should fight so hard to keep his luck and fortunes intact.

There are a great many defense and protection spells that fend off hexes and heist magic (magic meant to steal or deprive). However, when you lose something, what you need is a healing spell.

Your luck and in consequence your life is off its normal course, it is broken and you should stand up and fight back.

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