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Voodoo Revenge Spell

Voodoo Revenge Spell


We are in the right place at the right time, at exactly the right magical moment in which voodoo revenge spells  takes it upon itself to satisfy your desires which you need control over but can’t bring yourself to be responsible for.

Today is not payday, today is pay-back day! You are welcome to a variety of hoodoo spells which have all the required energies to work on your behalf.

As people sing about revenge being a dish ‘best served cold’, the spells in this magical tradition act otherwise.

You will wait for eternity before you get a chance to pay back someone who really hurt you bad. That is what naivety requires.

However, with magic, payback is not a thing to forward further in time due to the patient nature of the frail hearts, it is something you will have to do before the paths created by animosity from the other side close.

Do You Want To Revenge?

voodoo revenge spells

There is no turning back in revenge

You either want it or do not want it

You cannot retaliate and at the same time forgive and forget

In voodoo, revenging does not imply that you are hateful. It is a manifestation of dissatisfaction and the willingness to make things right.

A person who hurt you in the first place will never say you hurt him, you just get even or payback in full.

The Doctor brings you revenge spells that will make your enemies wilt with fear at going against you!

Did someone hurt you bad?

Was it death caused by a person you know or do not know?

Did your partners cut you out of a business transaction?

Was it betrayal and infidelity from your lover?

Now is the time to get even!

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You are given a chance to determine what you want to happen to the people who left your life upside down.

The lowest form of punishment in retribution spells  is Luck Begrime and the highest form of punishment is Spiritual Death.

The choice is now in your hands to bring the scores to settle. Get the phone and talk to me and you will appreciate the peace and calm that comes with voodoo spells and magical rituals.

In voodoo magic these revenge spells fall under the category of Backlash Magic. The moment you want to utilize the magic, it is the moment in which your spell target feels the effects of what he or she did, in equal measure.

About Backlash Magic

In voodoo the creation of energy paths in both the physical and spiritual realms is very important.

Everything that a person does is contains a deep glowing spiritual energy that guides the fate of that thing. Nothing in voodoo life just happens!

Everything is determined by fate and thus has its own fate which it creates by its existence. This voodoo belief is a mirror of the karma.

This is where backlash magic has got its roots. Everything that you do either brings something good or brings something bad. Thus, you are bound to find or come across this good and bad energy again one or more times.

I know this is not what you might want to hear, but the more you engage in negativity, the more negativity you will receive. And , the more you engage positive vibes, these same will come your way.

Revenge Spells In Backlash Magic

Backlash magic now has areas in which it directs energies and these include;

  • Revenge spells
  • Attack spells
  • Protection spells (a part of)
  • Energy grounding and routing spells
  • Spells to create positive spiritual energies
  • And others…

In revenge spells, backlash magic provides a number of retaliation options in spells and rituals from which you are free to choose the perfect one that matches your desires.

Retribution is something that brings inner peace and calm even when you do not directly involve in its manifesting, as long as it levels you with your nemesis.

You should however understand that when you initiate a flow of energy in backlash magic, most especially in voodoo, you will not be able to stop it or deter it from the path you have created.

This Is The Way Retaliation Works;

You are wronged, hurt or unfairly treated

It is ok to feel bad, give off strong energies of remorse and open the hotlink (a hotlink is an unfavorable bond that is created between you and the person who has hurt you).

voodoo revenge spells

You promise to get even or payback (the hotlink becomes permanent and augmented)

Now with revenge spells, you will pull this slumbering remorse to the forefront.

This is one of those times in spell casting where you possess a strong emotional attachment.

You will pour all your remorse into the ritual. This is the only foolproof way of ensuring success in the spell.

What Does It Mean?

You are in a position to recall everything that was done at your disadvantage

There is no willingness to let the matter just rest

Your emotional levels center on that one thing that triggered them in the first place

You are ready to do anything to get even

Get ready to direct the energies and let the spell bring results.

What You Should Know About Revenge Spells

You will lose control over the magic once it is set to do your biding

The spell will use your willpower on your behalf

In some instances, you may decide what you want to happen to the other party or target person, but not always; sometimes the energies will create their own solutions.

The highest form of revenge in voodoo is spiritual death (not physical death). And, the magical energies that cast the kind of revenge spell that brings about spiritual death, are costly.

Contact Dr. Lumba on +256787085427 Or via Whatsapp on +256787085427.

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